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Our approach in all our case studies is providing value to our clients. We listen and engage senior management before getting into the detail. We believe it is essential to work top down and bottom up. Being sensitive to our surrounding has really distinguished us from major competitors, simplifying by adhering to the company values and treating people with the upmost respect. We don’t use jargon to hide behind the lack of knowledge or try to use manufacturing experiences in retail. Our team are down to earth with little bravado and we focus on getting the job done. We like to keep things simple!

A well-known UK DIY company had complicated procedures but no one really took the challenge to change the way the business operated. After spending sometime mapping the “As is” processes we were able to suggest, implement and control a new operating model which resulted in making life easier and saving the company a considerable amount of money. We had branded this piece of work as Streamline which became a well-known program of work.

Key focus areas were Supply Chain, Accounting, Receiving, Cash Management, and RACI.

Working with a well-known high street firm in Russia it was clear that the major strength in the business was getting things done quickly. However certain plans would go off track and it obvious that the teams needed project management training and some aspects of Lean. We discussed with the client that it would be better to train some key players and start some simple projects with a new program office. We all sometimes lose our way in the complexity of information and it is more important than ever making the right decision. The client asked if we would train the local teams so they wouldn’t need external support all the time. Training was the easy part but we made sure the team’s actually turned theory into practice in order to achieve the business transformation needed. The client saved one million and another 2 the year after.

Key focus areas were competencies, people change, training and Financial Services

Our new summer school has been a great success with students and clients who need an intense course in Lean, Six Sigma and project management. We had tailored the course to real life examples and have included guest speakers from all over the globe. Our techniques slightly differ from the normal class room style. We have 2 weeks of intense 6 day a week training which includes case studies and how to deal with certain problem solving techniques. We have found role play a great success and putting theory into practice. After two weeks you achieve a certification in Lean Six Sigma with a high level project qualification.

This course is designed to give you real experience with that edge over your competitors.

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